Maina Servadzo in La Magdeleine: Family holidays with Forest Bathing

On holiday in the woods to escape stress, reconnect with yourself and regain a good mood. Seven days of wellness and sustainability in the Alpine Pearl of Magdeleine (Aosta Valley)

I went to the woods because I wanted to live wisely, to face only the essential facts of life, and to see if I was not able to learn what it had to teach me, and not to discover, at the point of death, that I had not lived. (Henry David Thoreau)

Immerse yourself in nature, be carried away by the rustle of the leaves, the scents and colors of the forest. The Japanese call it Shinrin-Yoku, for the rest of the world it is Forest Bathing, an increasingly fashionable practice. The benefits for the body and the mind are different. According to recent research, a couple of hours spent in the trees are enough to lower the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, to regularize the heart rate, and to ward off depression. For this reason, Forest Bathing helps to combat negative thoughts and is a real natural medicine.

In his book, “The Secret Life of Trees,” Peter Wohlleben reveals the most fascinating secrets of trees. The most enduring living beings on the planet are given memory and forms of communication that we can’t imagine. They can ally and defend each other. Maybe that’s why when we’re close to a plant we feel good. To experience it, you just need to take a walk in a park or in a forest.

Do we feel stressed and does our body ask us to “pull the plug”? We walk in a forest, we experience forest bathing. The benefits will be immediate!

Forest Bathing in the Alpine Pearl of La Magdeleine

The Magdeleine, one of the most beautiful alpine pearls of the Aosta Valley, is the perfect place to resume the ancient dialogue with nature.

Together with the nearby Chamois, it is among the Alpine destinations that have focused on sustainability and soft mobility. You can arrive without a car and take advantage of a series of services to move around the territory in an ecological way: from e-bikes, to DRT buses, from luggage transport services, to the numerous public connections (bus and cable car). Chamois, which is about 4 km away, is the only completely car-free Italian municipality, and is connected to La Magdleine by a beautiful slow route.

Woods and forests cover a large part of the territory hosting many plants and species. In short, the Magdeleine is the perfect destination to escape from the stress and heat of the city!

Here you can treat yourself to a small or large experience of inner growth. Immerse yourself in the woods, breathe deeply, reconnect with nature and tune into the trees. Learn to distinguish details – the color of a leaf or the shades of sunset – enjoy the beauty of the forest. Roots, barks, stems, shoots become small wonders to look at with new eyes.

A green week of total immersion in Nature

The Magdalene is the perfect location to get away from city life, find yourself in a forest or in front of a starry sky, recover your energy and recharge your batteries with natural wellness.

To do so, there is a special weekly programme (Sunday to Sunday) dedicated to sustainable tourism.

In addition to Forest Bathing you can try emotional walks, trekking at high altitudes, mindful walking, active silence, stargazing. Each experience proposed is an opportunity to test yourself, reconnect with yourself and find again the psychophysical well-being.

Why treat yourself to a green week at La Magdeleine? First of all to make a gift to yourself. To experience the unique experience of Forest Bathing with a trainer. To enjoy the unspoilt landscapes of the Alps with all your senses, staying in your breath and fully appreciating the moment. To bring back a dimension of contact with nature that was familiar to our grandparents, but that has often been lost today. Experience the silence, put your feet in a stream, embrace the trunk of a tree, caress a horse. Return children.

La Magdeleine for Children

At La Magdeleine, the green week is also (and above all) designed for children and families. So you can let children experience the beneficial beauty of nature.

Play with grass, leaves, stones and twigs. Build a house in the woods or a shelter on a tree. Hide, climb plants. Listen to the wind blowing, the sound of water, the singing of birds. Admire the stars, the moon or a sunset.

The proposal for children includes special trekking with fairies, elves and goblins, lessons in ecology and environmental education, storytelling in the woods and music therapy.

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