Alpine Pearls E-Tour: The Electric Car Challenges the Alps

Like the Mille Miglia, but in an electric car, it’s the Alpine Pearls E-Tour. A challenge between the breathtaking landscapes of the Alps aboard electric cars to promote sustainable mobility. Read more on

The new e-tour promoted by the Alpine Pearls aims to dispel prejudices regarding electric cars and promote a new way of travelling in the mountains respecting the environment. The Alpine Pearls E-Tour is a thousand-year journey of six hundred kilos between valleys and high mountain passes. A real challenge for the electrical technology that can revolutionize the movements even in the most remote places of the Alps.

We are talking about the first Alpine Pearls E-Tour, a great journey among the most beautiful alpine pearls, using only electric cars.

The tour will pass through 6 countries, Italy, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria and Slovenia. It will be 1600 km long and will face a difference in height of 16000 meters, passing through some of the most beautiful natural parks and stopping in the Alpine Pearls, the most sustainable places in the Alps. The aim is to promote sustainable mobility by demonstrating the skills of these cars and providing information along the way.

From Cogne (Italy) to Bled (Slovenia) by electric car

The departure of the Alpine Pearls E-Tour is Cogne in Valle d’Aosta, one of the first localities of the Alpine Pearls. In Cogne will be held the first stop at the charging station and then the departure to France and the other numerous stages.

A question that might arise spontaneously is “how can they face such a long journey with the few charging stations that are around?”. Well, perhaps not everyone knows that electric cars are making great strides in recent years, the new models reach 400 km of autonomy and have no difficulty in dealing with slopes and even high mountain passes. Many Alpine resorts have installed charging stations and now even long journeys are possible.

The trip will last seven days from 4 to 10 July, with about ten stops in the middle including Cogne (Italy), Les Diablerets (Switzerland), Arosa (Switzerland), Racines (Italy), Moena (Italy), Weinesse (Austria) and Bled (Slovenia). The stages are in the alpine pearls and in the other localities that have decided to support this tour. For example, the city of departure and the city of arrival. Cogne, in the Gran Paradiso Park and Bled in the Triglav National Park, were included among the 100 most sustainable destinations in the world.

The Electric Car Challenges the Alps to Promote Sustainable Mobility

The aim of the Alpine Pearls e-Tour is to convey an important message: “Sustainable mobility is the key to protecting the great park of the Alps”.

Six cars and six crews will be taking part in the trip. Each team drives a different car thanks to sponsorship and numerous partners including BMW, Tesla, Renault, Nissan, Jaguar and Enel. But it’s not a real race, in the sense that the first to arrive does not win.

Each crew has precise objectives, which are:

  • Promoting sustainability
  • Promoting e-mobility
  • Promoting nature tourism and parks
  • Promoting environmental protection
  • Promoting the circular economy

The Alpine Pearls have already proven that sustainable mobility is possible and works. Public transport, cycling and walking routes can make a tourist destination a true paradise for nature lovers. However, not all Alpine locations are accessible by these means and the electric car can be the extra ingredient that makes this recipe perfect. A silent, zero-emission vehicle, which can live with even the wildest environments such as the Alps.

The Alpine Pearls e-Tour shows that sustainable movement is possible and electric vehicles are not a possibility.

We look forward to the journey! We just have to follow it a little more closely through the event’s Facebook page.

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