6 beautiful seaside villages where you can spend your summer

They have their own poetry, the seafaring villages. It is perhaps the salt that you feel in the air. The sound of waves cradling you. Perhaps it is the welcome of those who live there, that the sea always carries it inside. Maybe the light, when the sun seems to play with water. Their houses that embrace the blue, the rhythm that passes slowly.

From Liguria to Sardinia, we decided to tell you about 6 really magical seaside villages, perfect for your intimate, romantic summer.

Framura, the village that slides on the sea

It is a small pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, set between the Cinque Terre and Portofino. It consists of five hamlets perched on a steep territory that slopes down to the sea, offering a wonderful view at every corner. It’s perfect coves for a dip, its tiny port, the green surrounding the village: everything will make you fall in love with this idyllic Ligurian town.

Not to be missed: in the historic railway track that linked Framura to Levanto, today there is a beautiful cycle path close to the sea.

Where to sleep green: Sesta Terra Natural Resort invites you to live a unique experience of deep immersion in nature. You can sleep on the terraces of the village in beautiful wooden cottages or in luxurious tents.

Conca dei Marini, the village between rocks and sea

With its ancient houses with white vaults, Conca dei Marini is a small and charming seaside village, overlooking the blue Amalfi Coast. One of the smallest seaside villages in Italy (it is the fourth smallest municipality in terms of territorial extension) Conca dei Marini takes its name from the shape of a basin and the proximity to the sea. Between Amalfi and the Fiordo di Furore, the village stretches towards the sea in a natural embrace of rocks and cliffs. Inhabited since ever by fishermen and sailors, you can breathe a tranquilla and autentica atmosphere. The famous towns of Amalfi and Positano are about ten kilometres away.

Not to be missed: the Emerald Grotto, the beautiful path of the Gods, the path of the crazy bats, and the picturesque valley of the ironworks.

Where to sleep green: in a typical little house with sea view, terrace and organic garden.

Acciaroli, an ancient fishing village

We move to the Cilento Coast, to discover one of its most precious jewels. Walking through the narrow alleys and its characteristic houses, lazing around on the long, sandy beaches, breathing in the magic of its small port, eating freshly caught fish: in Acciaroli life passes slowly and seems just perfect like this.

Not to be missed: there are many paths that depart from here, the most fascinating is perhaps the Acciaroli-Pollica-Casalvelino mule track, an ancient road connecting the coastal and hilly areas.

Where to sleep green: in one of the eco-friendly apartments of the Residence Ancora, with sea view.

Rocca San Giovanni, the blue of the Adriatic Sea

On the Costa dei Trabucchi a picturesque medieval reality awaits you: Rocca San Giovanni, a village in Abruzzo situated on a rocky spur. The scents of citrus fruits, olive trees and Mediterranean scrub blend with those of the sea and invade the alleys of the beautiful old town. The ideal starting point to discover the town is the picturesque Piazza degli Eroi, from here you can continue in the streets of the center to the terrace overlooking the sea.

Not to be missed: a lunch in a trabucco, once a fishing tool and now home to beautiful fish restaurants.

Where to sleep green: in one of the 4 comfortable rooms with private entrance of the B&B Rifugiomare, which offers guests beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as an excellent breakfast.

Gallipoli, the pearl of the Ionian Sea

The centre of Gallipoli, one of the most famous places in Salento, stretches out over the sea, as if it were an island. The old town offers many jewels, including ancient palaces and churches in Baroque style, but perhaps just admire the whitewashed houses and blue cornices to fall in love with this fishing village of Puglia.

Not to be missed: an evening at the open-air cinema, in the upper part of the castle.

Where to sleep green: a few steps from the village and the sea there is the B & B La Casa degli Artisti, which welcomes, with its terrace and comfortable rooms, travelers and artists from around the world.

Carloforte, a Ligurian corner in Sardinia

In an article on the seafaring villages written by me, Carloforte could certainly not be missing. It’s a special place, for me who grew up there a bit, but also for all those who had the good fortune to meet him. In fact, there are many who return to this corner of Sardinia that is also a bit of Liguria. The village is the only one of the small and incredible islands of San Pietro, and can be reached by ferry. It seems like a dream to you: you are immediately struck by the pastel-colored houses, the pier, the people who speak tabarkino, an ancient variant of Ligurian, the smell and flavor of cakes and porridge, its alleys. And a little further on an uncontaminated nature and a crystal clear sea.

Not to be missed: if I have to say only one thing I choose the sunset at the Faro di Capo Sandalo. I assure you, it is an indescribable landscape, which never tires. If you are lucky you can also see some of the Queen’s hawks flying.

Where to sleep: overlooking the main square of Carloforte, there is the B & B Il Ghiro. Colours, scents, local flavours and a welcome that makes you feel immediately at home.

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